Messier 71 Diamond Enhanced Hair Gel Styling Guide

Whether you are looking to add a bit of glitz to your holiday party or welcome the New Year with a diamond sparkle, Messier 71 has you covered for any hairstyle you plan to rock! Check out our suggested styling tips below.

Touch Up

The ‘Touch Up’ is the easiest way to add a bit of glitter to any hairstyle. It works best if you already have braids or a bun in place, but don’t hesitate to use it to frame your face with glamourous, diamond bangs. It’s a great way to make your style pop while keeping loose hair in place.

  1. Style your hair as desired
  2. Wet your hands
  3. Apply roughly a nickel-sized scoop of Messier 71 hair gel to your fingertip and rub it between all your fingertips
  4. Using just your fingertips, massage the gel into braids, buns, or any other part of your hair you want to sparkle
  5. Repeat as necessary until everywhere you want to shimmer is sparkling

Blow Dry

The ‘Blow Dry’ method is fantastic for achieving a similar look as the touch-up but with more complete coverage. It’s great for adding sparkle and keeping your hair in a styled look for longer. Because Messier 71 is made with the absolute best ingredients we can find, you don’t have to worry about leaving it in your hair overnight.

  1. Apply Messier 71 Diamond Enhanced Hair Gel liberally throughout damp or wet hair. We recommend starting with about a quarter size right after you get out of the shower and adding more as needed.
  2. Give a quick brush to your hair to evenly distribute the product
  3. Blow dry and style to your liking. Messier 71 is heat safe so feel free to curl or straighten it to your liking. Not only will you sparkle, but your hair will retain its style a lot longer into the night.

Spray on Sparkle

If you like the results of the ‘Blow Dry’ method but want something a bit quicker or something you can apply to an already completed hairstyle, try Messier 71 as a spray. It’s great for touching up your hair right after work on a Friday.

  1. Mix 1/2 an ounce of Messier 71 Gel and two cups of water together in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the mixture onto your hair whenever you need a bit more sparkle and brush the product in.

Messy Messier

Our personal favorite, Messy Messier, is perfect for achieving that dewy look and ideal for quick styling.

  1. Right after showering, apply Messier 71 Gel to your hair before drying. Go crazy with it and spread it thoroughly throughout your hair. We recommend starting with about a quarter-sized amount and adding more as needed to coat your hair thoroughly.
  2. Feel free to take whatever is left on your hands and apply it to your face to give it a wonderful sparkle. Just be careful to avoid your eyes. If anything does get in your eye, simply flush your eyes with water.
  3. As your hair dries, brush and style your hair a few times to get the right shape.
  4. Once dry, brush your hair to remove any stiff parts and complete your style. You’ll be left with soft, sparkly hair that holds its shape.