(Coming Soon) Messier 71 Ruby Enhanced Hair Gel

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Product Description

Inspired by the collection of stars it takes its name from; Messier 71 Ruby Enhanced Hair Gel is perfect for adding that touch of starlight to your look. It is the best way to style your hair and add a subtle sparkle that makes you glow.

Messier 71 Ruby Enhanced Hair Gel is Eco-Friendly and was formulated with your health and the environment’s health in mind. Our formulation avoids carcinogenic ingredients and selects components that promote both style and health. Because Messier 71 receives its sparkle from Ruby’s and other minerals, it contains no microplastics. Speaking of Ruby’s, we rigorously review our supply chain to ensure only ethically sourced Ruby’s enter our products.


Messier 71 Ruby Enhanced Hair Gel provides a soft hold and subtle sparkle to your hair. We recommend applying throughout damp hair and letting dry for a celestial feel, or applying directly in specific areas to create shimmering highlights. To remove, just wash it out with water.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.