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Messier 71 Diamond Enhanced Sparkling Hair Gel





Diamond Glitter Hair Gel

Shine brightly as the stars with Messier 71 Diamond Enhanced Hair Gel, perfect for adding celestial shimmer; why use plastic glitter when you can use diamonds? It provides a light, volumizing hold, and a fantastic sparkle. It is an excellent alternative to hair glitter for those that want a more celestial vibe, a celestial vibe that is equally at home at a rave as it is during a networking event.

Healthy, Ethical, and Eco-Friendly

Messier 71 Diamond Enhanced Hair Gel is Eco-Friendly and was formulated with your health and the environment’s health in mind. Our formulation avoids carcinogenic ingredients and selects components that promote style and health. It leaves your hair feeling great far after you wash it out. Also, Messier 71 Diamond Enhanced Hair Gel receives its sparkle from diamonds and other minerals, unlike traditional hair glitter, which often uses microplastics. It’s a sparkle you can feel good about. Speaking of diamonds, we rigorously review our supply chain to ensure that only ethically sourced diamonds enter our products. For more information, check out our blog.

Easy Styling

Messier 71 Diamond Enhanced Hair Gel provides a soft, volumizing hold and sparkle to your hair. We recommend applying throughout damp hair and letting dry to achieve a dewy look; style after drying to achieve a sparkling celestial shine; or applying in concentrated areas to create glittering highlights. Feel free to add a touch almost anywhere you want to add some sparkle. It’s excellent for highlighting cheekbones or brows, and applying a little to your face will perfect the celestial glow. Just avoid your eyes, please.

To remove, just wash it out with water.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.